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We are proud to offer 10+ years experience in B2B data and lead generation success and we operate as the flexible outsourced partner that our customers need. 

B2B Contact Lists

Our databases contain over 220 million contacts, refreshed in real-time.

B2B Company Lists

Deep dive contact data on over 20 million companies globally.

Contact Profiling

Help round building the perfect contact profile for your marketing efforts.

Data Management

Consultancy and services to help you generate greatest performance from data sets.

Data Cleansing

Cleansing and validation services to your existing data sets.

Lead Generation

Expert B2B lead generation services.

Competitive pricing

Everyone knows that you get what you pay for. Even though our rates are lower, we can still provide the most up-to-date verified data because we invest heavily in technology to ensure that we maintain the highest standards when it comes to quality contact data.

Fast delivery

We understand that your marketing campaign cannot afford to be delayed. We have invested heavily in technology and personnel enabling us to deliver your data within days of you placing your order – ensuring you can hit the ground running with your marketing campaign.

220m+ Contacts

As key players in the B2B data industry, we regularly acquire new data sets to ensure we can continue to deliver outstanding levels of accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our databases are generated through a combination of multiple sources. These include LinkedIn, Companies House, 3rd party databases, website crawlers and SMTP server ping tests. Due to our advanced technologies and processes, we are able to generate extremely high quality and extensive contact lists.

Purchased databases include contact names, contact job titles, verified contact business emails, contact locations, contact LinkedIn URLs, company names, company domains, company industry, company size (#employees and turnover), company hq phone number, company seo description and company technologies used.

All our contact records are cleansed regularly, to remove or update any users who have changed company, role or title. We also reverify contact business emails through SMTP ping tests to ensure all purchased contact email records are live and valid.

Our databases are supplied in csv file format for easy upload to your email or CRM system.

Our industry-leading databases are available from just £200 ($250 USD) per thousand verified records. Discounts also apply to purchased datasets above 5,000 and 10,000 records.

Customers can either pay via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

We are pleased to offer anonymised database samples before purchase, to show you the contact job titles, locations and company details within your list. For GDPR purposes, our free samples do not contain any personally identifiable data.

To request a B2B data sample, please either complete the form on our home page, or email your request to support@databoxx.org. Helpful criteria to provide are your target job titles, contact locations, company industries and company sizes.  Our team will then be pleased to do the rest!

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